International GDR (IRN)

CeNT (Varsaw)

Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw (Poland)

Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab
Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw
Banacha 2C, Warsaw


Group leader:

  • Bartosz Trzaskowski

Permanent researchers:

  • Silvio Osella

Post-Doctoral researchers:

  • Mateusz Wlazło

Research topics:

  • Multiscale computation, low-dimensional materials, molecular assemblies, organic interfaces, charge transport, photophysics, optoelectronic properties, transport properties.
  • The main area of research focuses on the use of computational chemistry to study the opto-electronic, transfer and transport properties of low-dimensional materials by means of a multiscale computational approach, in which different computational methods are combined together to properly assess the complexity of the studied systems. The research focuses along two main lines; (1) multiscale modelling of novel 2D functional materials for photovoltaic applications and solar-fuel production; (2) multiscale modelling of charge and energy transfer and transport at interfaces of different dimensionalities (i.e. 0D/2D, 2D/2D, 1D/2D, 0D/1D). The concept of theoretical/computational studies of low dimensional interfaces performing light harvesting and charge transport merges together two fields of research, which immediately needs input from high-class researchers.