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1st edition of the virtual meeting of the GDR HOWDI

Sub-nanometer Scale Transport Through Atomically Thin Membranes

Piran R Kidambi, Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University

Atomically thin 2D materials offer fundamentally new opportunities to study and understand mass transport at the sub-nanometer length scale. Specifically, they allow for quantum tunneling and size-selective molecular sieving. Here, I will discuss our recent work in 2D material synthesis and processing to enable i) large-area atomically thin Helium barriers, ii) fully functional nanoporous atomically thin membranes for desalination, dialysis and molecular separations, iii) in-situ formation of precise nanopores in 2D materials, iv) development of facile methods to probe sub-nanometer scale defects over centimeter scale 2D-single-crystals, v) roll-to-roll manufacturing of atomically thin membranes, and vi) quantum tunneling effects in atomically thin membranes. Finally, I will discuss some of our efforts to move these technologies from the lab space to the commercial arena.

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Heure : 21 mai 2021 04:00 PM Paris

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