Lavoisier Discussions

Scope : Adsorption and Confinement Effects of Molecules in/on Nanotubes

Nanotubes have emerged recently as an intriguing template for the formation of new hybrid nanostructures. Confinement effects, aggregation states and coupling of the molecules within the 1D structure of nanotube enable original physical properties of the hybrid object and has inspired various applications for bio-detection, nanotube doping, drug delivery, nano-optics, nano-chemistry etc.

The objectives of this mini-colloquium is to gather and foster discussions on the challenges related to the fabrication, the spectroscopy and the applicative fields of these 1D multifunctionnal nanohybrids. It will be organized through the Lavoisier discussions initiated and supported by the GDRi Graphene Nanotubes.

The 3 days’ discussion will consist in invited or contributed talks mixed with formal and informal discussion moments. In order to stimulate exchange of ideas, an important part will be devoted to round table and nutshell questions (no poster session will be organized). Each participants can provide an abstract-slide (see template file attached below) of his work, presenting the hybrid system studied, the methods of investigations, the major achievements and the open questions (see template). The abstract-slide will be presented to start the round table and we expect a lot of exciting discussions afterwards, led by the chairman. 9 abstract-slides be will selected for contributed talks.

After registration, please send your abstract-slide to :


The discussion covers the following topics :

Theme 1: Wenesday, 20th of June: 14H00-19H00: Synthesis and Characterization

  • Advantages and drawback of liquid and vapor encapsulation
  • Outer surface functionalization versus confinement
  • Filling rate and recovery rate
  • Role of defects in the physical interactions
  • Washing protocol

Theme 2: Thursday, 21st of June: 9H00-12H00: 1D adsorption and supramolecular organization

  • 1D long range organization
  • Role of the tube diameter
  • Local structure of confined molecules

Theme 3: Thursday, 21st of June: 14H00-19H00: Physical interactions – Photophysics

  • Molecule/molecule or Molecule/nanotube interactions ?
  • Van der Walls,  \pi -stacking or charge transfer?
  • Photo-induced effects (charge or energy transfer, fluorescence quenching)

Theme 4: Friday, 22nd of June: 9H00-13H00: Applications

  • Which properties (which hybrid system) for which devices?
    (photovoltaics, diagnosis and therapy, LED…)