International GDR (IRN)


Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw (Poland)

Chemical and Biological Systems Simulation Lab
Centre of New Technologies, University of Warsaw
Banacha 2C, Warsaw

Web :

Group leader :

  • Bartosz Trzaskowski

Permanent researchers :

  • Silvio Osella

Post-Doctoral researchers :

  • Mateusz Wlazło

Research topics :

  • Multiscale computation, low-dimensional materials, molecular assemblies, organic interfaces, charge transport, photophysics, optoelectronic properties, transport properties.
  • The main area of research focuses on the use of computational chemistry to study the opto-electronic, transfer and transport properties of low-dimensional materials by means of a multiscale computational approach, in which different computational methods are combined together to properly assess the complexity of the studied systems. The research focuses along two main lines ; (1) multiscale modelling of novel 2D functional materials for photovoltaic applications and solar-fuel production ; (2) multiscale modelling of charge and energy transfer and transport at interfaces of different dimensionalities (i.e. 0D/2D, 2D/2D, 1D/2D, 0D/1D). The concept of theoretical/computational studies of low dimensional interfaces performing light harvesting and charge transport merges together two fields of research, which immediately needs input from high-class researchers.