Virtual meetings of the GDR

2nd virtual seminar : Cedric Robert, LPCNO (Toulouse)

The 2nd virtual seminar of the GDR Howdi is scheduled on Thursday, June 17, 2021 (14h)
((zoom linked will be provided through the mailing list and on this web page a few hours before the talk)

Spin and valley properties in transition metal dichalcogenide: from monolayers to hybrid structures
The interplay between spin and valley degree of freedom is one of the most fascinating properties of monolayers (ML) of transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD). Since the theoretical predictions of the chiral optical selection rules in 2012, TMD ML have been considered as an ideal platform to control both spin and valley degree of freedom with polarized light. This presentation will first review the main progresses over the past years concerning the control of spin and valley properties of exciton complexes and resident carriers (i.e. electrons and holes) in TMD ML. Then the recent breakthroughs related to the integration of TMD ML with magnetic materials in hybrid structures will be discussed.